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Welcome to our resource bank

It is important for us that those who choose to use our material and methods agree with The Yes Way's values ​​and adopt Declaration 18. If you chose to use our resources we therefor urge you to commit to our values by signing them first.

Here we share our experiences and methods so that more people and organisations can work for equal opportunities and inclusive innovation promotion.

The material is free and open to everyone to be inspired and take part in. The material is developed so that you and your organisation can work for development and improvement at your own pace. If you join the program or want support from The Yes Way in other ways, you could gain access to more developed materials and activities that may assist you even further throughout the change process.


The work within The Yes Way is ongoing and therefore the resource bank is also developing organically. Stay tuned as more materials and methods will be posted over time.



Policy and Templates




Follow-up and assurance

Declaration 18 and 10 steps forward will be sent out once you have joined The Yes Way.  Please note that the documents are sent to innovation-promoting environments that want to start their practical equality and inclusion work. These are also followed up over time.

GraphicS and prints


Get help and support in your work

Do you need advice and support to move ahead further? Apply to join our program, to get access to coaching and an entire network of likeminded. Contact us today and we'll help you.