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Contact us: hey@theyesway.se

The Yes Way strives for an equal and inclusive innovation support system.

We offer proven tools that will give more people the opportunity to be a part of the societal- and technological development regardless of gender, origin, age or function variation. Something that in turn gives room for new and different innovative solutions, skills and forms of business.

Agree to our values and start working right away

It is important for us that those who choose to use our material and methods agree with The Yes Way's values ​​and adopt Declaration 18. By connecting to The Yes Way you will have access to all the methods and tools you need for your organisation to on your own create an equal and inclusive innovation support system.

Join The Yes Way Program 2020

Apply for our needs-adapted and process-based development program that runs from August 2020 to May 2021. The program is based on proven tools and methods that are communicated and implemented through individual coaching and follow-up, as well as physical and digital meetings with a network of like-minded organisations.

"The program is hands on and guided in an awesome way"

- Karin Blomstrand, Business Manager, Jämställd Utveckling Skåne

We are a part of The Yes Way